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"As always the lessons with Mandy are wonderful"
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Practice Pilates with Mandy

Mandy Parr is an experienced Body Control Pilates instructor and a firm believer in incorporating Pilates into your daily routine so it becomes your way of life! She’s been teaching Pilates since 2003, and is trained in Intermediate and Advanced Matwork.

Join Mandy of her classes such as Energising and Strengthening Pilates Class

You’ll Learn with Mandy

  • Learn classical Pilates exercises created by Joseph Pilates
  • Understand the core basics of pilates
  • To take a full practice at your own pace

Find the Pilates class for you amongst Mandy favourites!

Energising and Strengthening Pilates Class-£12

In this energising and strengthening Pilates class we will introduce the use of equipment exercises to vary each class. As each of us work at a different pace, the introduction of small equipment can tailor each exercise and Pilates lesson to suit your own fitness level and ability.

Thursday 3rd February at 11:15am



Mandy is an excellent Pilates tutor.


Mandy was a fabulous instructor and always went the extra mile.


As always the lessons with Mandy are wonderful.