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"Sharon makes sure to be fun and professional at the same time"
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Practice Pilates with Sharon

Sharon has been teaching Pilates since 2008. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 11 years as well as being a holistic therapist and trainer. As a Reiki Master she loves to meditate daily and would love you to join in.

Join Sharon of her classes such as Evening wind down Pilates & Saturday Pilates Matwork Class

Photo of Sharon Pilates teacher

You’ll Learn with Sharon

  • Learn classical Pilates exercises created by Joseph Pilates
  • Reduce back pain, improve your posture, strengthen your core
  • Increase your muscle flexibility and stretch all your body
  • To take a full practice at your own pace

Find the Pilates class for you amongst Sharons favourites!

Evening wind down Pilates class-£12

Our evening wind down Pilates class with gentle relaxing Pilates exercises will help alleviate what the day has thrown at us emptying our minds and releasing tension.

Wednesdays at 7:15pm.

Saturday Pilates Matwork Class-£12

This hour long matwork Pilates class is suitable for all levels and focuses on working on your alignment, posture, core stability, and spinal movements.

Saturdays at 11am.



Sharon is a super instructor and was very generous with the time and commitment she gave. 


Sharon makes sure to be fun and professional at the same time.


Sharon, the Pilates teacher, was excellent.