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Join us to find clarity, peace, and happiness

Our online Yoga classes will help your physical body and reduce stress by increasing your ability to relax using ancient tried and tested Yoga methods.

Yoga is a five-millennia-old practice that has changed over time. Modern yoga focuses on stretches and poses designed to stimulate inner peace and physical energy. Practicing yoga helps provide a foundation and tools to building good habits, such as discipline, self-inquiry, and nonattachment. This exercise is also a pathway to empower you to make conscious choices to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

You’ll be part of a small group, which gives you plenty of time to work with your Yoga instructor. Our classes are suitable for any age or ability and the courses are guaranteed to leave you feeling zen, relaxed and balanced.

All you need to do is find some space in your home with a mat or a towel and come in comfortable clothing and leave the rest to our Yoga instructor!

Your Yoga Instructor

Emma Henry was a yoga practitioner for over ten years before she embarked on her first teacher training course in 2017. With over 450 hours of training, Emma teaches from a place of building a true and accepting relationship with ourselves. Trained in variable anatomy, Emma doesn’t believe that “one size fits all” and encourages students to empower themselves to make their yoga shapes work for their unique body

Choose your perfect Yoga class

Beginners Yoga class-£10

This beginners yoga class will use traditional yoga postures and functional movements, coordinated with the breath, to help strengthen and stretch the whole body, thus improving posture, balance and range of motion.


Mondays at 11.30am.

Relaxation Yoga class-£10

This slow paced class nurtures a sense of calm through stillness. In the Yin style of yoga, this class will help ease physical tension and stiffness, improve joint health and reduce stress.

Wednesdays at 6pm.

Online Yoga Classes with Flavours

Our Yoga online classes are suitable for all experience levels, and are a fun way to develop your Yoga practice further. Your Yoga Instructor will be live over zoom to give you real time feedback along with your fellow students. You can join our Yoga for everybody class to get a taster of Yoga or to get back into your practice or find some zen with our Yoga for relaxation class.

Book your space now to experience the true benefits of Yoga from the comfort of your own home!

Deeper connection

A simple and powerful way to stay connected, inspired, and committed to your wellbeing

Meet new Yogis

Build and foster relationships with our online community

Absolute comfort

Develop your practice in a comfortable environment with support of a teacher right there with you.