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Photography classes

Are you a keen photographer, but not sure how to take your skills to the next level? Or have you always wanted to learn the secrets behind capturing that perfect shot? Our photography classes are the perfect way to improve your skills whilst building friendships with your fellow photography students and discussing famous photographers’ works and your own!

Your teacher, Ciara, will show you how to ‘bring to life’ the perfect shot, focusing on objects around your home and garden, and discussing the use of perspectives. All you need are 3 objects from your house and your camera, and leave the rest to Ciara.

iPhone Photography- Capture those moments like a pro

During this 1 hour workshop, Ciara will show you how to take incredible iPhone photos that everyone adores and that you’ll be proud to look at years later. She will share with top tips on getting the most from your phone while also showing you how to see the world and your surroundings differently through the lens of the camera.

No previous experience required and now you can learn how to never miss capturing that perfect shot no matter where you are.

Your tutor Ciara Menzies

Ciara Menzies is a professional photographer based in Edinburgh. Her works are story driven and this has led her to travel across the globe. Ciara specialises in portrait photography, taking great delight in telling visual stories of both people and places through a series of images. She uses photography to show something of who the people  are, through what she sees.

Capture the Perfect Shot

Learn photographic techniques, composition and emotion

Learn from the Best

Discuss and dissect popular works, and your own photos

Ignite Your Creativity

Spark life and emotion into everyday objects through photography