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Online and on-demand Classes

Online and on-demand classes

Our interactive online classes, taught by our talented teachers, give you the opportunity to gain new skills and make new friends. Kick-start your Flavours journey from the comfort of your own home!

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One session classes

Pilates refresh and refine with Catherine-£12

This hour long class to get you moving after the Christmas and New Year break. Suitable for those with some experience of Pilates

Monday January 8 2024
11:00 am – 12 noon


Pilates refresh with Susie-£12

Join Susie Gale, part of the Flavours Pilates team, in this workshop, where different aspects of this low-impact form of exercise will be reviewed & explored

Saturday January 20 2024
9:30 – 10:30 am

Pilates refresh with Mandy-£12

A chance to have a one-off Pilates class, either as a taster for our short courses or to dip your toe back in the water

Saturday January 27 2024
9:30 – 10:30 am

Jaclyn Stuart inspire painting class

3 ways to create a landscape with Jaclyn Stuart – £15

In this class, Jaclyn will demonstrate fun, vibrant, and exciting ways to create a landscape.

Monday January 15 2024
11:00 am – 12.30 pm

Chasing the Light Class with Sophie McKay Knight – £15

Join Sophie for this one-off session to explore the importance of sunlight in painting.

Wednesday 17 January 2024
5.00 – 6:30 pm

Friday Night Art Club with Mark Holden – £10

Mark will be exploring the Fauvist movement, talking about the artists of the time and in particular, the colour palettes they used and why.

Friday 19 January 2024
7.00 – 8:00 pm

Short Courses

Pilates challenge with Ruth Partington – £75

A six-week block to challenge your strength, stability, and control, with energising, full-body workouts.

Course starts on Thursday 11 January 2024 9.15 am

Pilates restore and strengthen with Catherine-£75

This course is aimed at clients who feel fairly confident in the fundamentals of Pilates and would like to be challenged a little bit more.

Course starts Friday January 12 2024
11:00 am – 12 noon


Getting to your core with Susie Gale – £75

A six-week block, guiding you through the main principles of Pilates.

Course starts Tuesday 23 January 2024
9:30 am

Travelling Western Europe through art with Jaclyn Stuart – £75

A six-week block, concentrating on a different country and creating art inspired by an artist from that country each week.

Course starts on Wednesday January 10 2024
11:15 am – 12.15 pm

Fauve Expressionist Travelling series with Mark Holden – £50

A series of workshops using the Fauve style to explore 4 landscapes from Flavours art trip locations.

Course starts on Tuesday 16 January 2024
3.30 pm

Ages and Stages – drawing the Figure throughout Life with Sophie McKay Knight – £75

A six-week block drawing course exploring drawing the figure throughout life.

Course starts on Tuesday 30 January 2024
5:00 pm

Learn Italian upper intermediate with Carlo-£75

In this 6-week upper intermediate learn Italian course, our tutor will take you through a series of themes and topics incorporating local culture and tradition.

Course starts on Monday 8 January 2024
12:30 p.m.

Learn Italian for complete beginners with Carlo – £75

This 6-week Learn Italian course is suitable for complete beginners and/or those who want to go back to basics for a refresh in their language skills.

Course starts on Tuesday 9 January 2024
12:30 p.m.



Weekly classes

Saturday Pilates Matwork Class-£12

This hour long matwork Pilates class is suitable for all levels and focuses on working on your alignment, posture, core stability, and spinal movements.

Saturdays at 11am.


Evening wind down Pilates class-£12

Our evening wind down Pilates class with gentle relaxing Pilates exercises will help alleviate what the day has thrown at us emptying our minds and releasing tension.

Wednesdays at 7:15pm.

Learn something new with Flavours online classes

Have you thought you’d like to try a painting, cooking, language, or pilates holiday but would like to maybe brush up on your skills before you go? Why not sign up for one of our online, or on-demand classes or courses

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We offer taster classes to start off your experience so you can try without committing to a number of classes. Look out for new classes coming soon

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