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Making Italian Bread

Making Italian Bread with Jane Curran

by Thomas McNally | 4 Lessons
There is something special and distinctive about Italian bread maybe its's the rosemary, salt or olive oil, all the things that add that unique taste. Learn how to make Italian bread with handy tips and hints from our Chef Jane Curran from her kitchen to your kitchen. Jane will take you through how to make Ciabatta, Focaccia, Schiacciata con l'uva and last but not least the famous grissini.
Jilly McCord Masterchef

Dinner Party Menu with Jilly McCord

by Thomas McNally | 3 Lessons
A step by step course with Jilly McCord to make a 3 course dinner party. In this course you will make a cheese soufflé starter, with a main of Beef Bourguignon with a fabulous Tarte Tatin for dessert. Learn some new techniques which you can transfer to many other dishes.
Beginners watercolour painting image

Introduction to Watercolour

by Thomas McNally | 3 Lessons
Watercolour, is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolour refers to both the medium and the resulting artwork. Learn how to bring your creativity to life with our paining tutor Mark Holden who will take you through the basics from watercolour paint and paper, to choosing the right brush and creating your first watercolour masterpiece.
Introduction to acrylic painting

Introduction to Painting in Acrylics

by Thomas McNally | 3 Lessons
This Introduction to Acrylic Painting course is aimed at those who are keen to learn to paint without the need for drawing. Acrylic paint is a favourite amongst artists and beginners alike thanks to its versality and quick drying qualities.You will learn how to get started with acrylic paint and then move on to creating landscape paintings on canvas.
watercolour paints

Watercolour Painting Course - Part 2

by Thomas McNally | 4 Lessons
This Watercolour Painting course-Part 2 is aimed at those who have completed our Introduction to Watercolour Course and are looking to develop their painting skills in the medium of watercolour. In this course, our tutor Mark Holden will show you how to bring your landscapes and cityscapes to life on paper during the course of these four lessons.
Scottish baking

Scottish Baking Series

by Thomas McNally | 4 Lessons
This Scottish baking series is all about simple recipes that taste good and remind you of your childhood. Using different baking methods you will learn scone making with a touch of treacle, how to bake the perfect oatcake, a twist on the classic cookie baked with oats and the star attraction is the famous Scottish shortbread. This course has four baking videos including downloadable recipes.
Pilates for Pelvic Floor

Pilates for Pelvic Floor Health

by Thomas McNally | 3 Lessons
This series will educate you but also should be fun, this shouldn’t be a chore. It should definitely improve any issues that you may have. Your instructor, Jackie Lindsay, will share her insights about the pelvic floor whilst guiding you through exercises for better pelvic floor health. This course is for anyone, from the complete novice to the seasoned Pilates fan.
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