Introduction to Watercolour

by Thomas McNally | 3 Lessons

Watercolour painting is one of the most rewarding and approachable forms of art!

When handled correctly, this medium can be versatile and flexible and is certainly worth pursuing. Also known as aquarelle, the art of watercolour dates back thousands of years.

In this Introduction to Watercolour course, you will learn to master the essential basics of watercolor painting. This course has three lessons which will teach you about the best brush, paint and paper types for you and your level and will enable you to understand colour and water.

Your Painting Tutor Mark Holden will take you step by step through the medium of Watercolour and how to embrace the creativity of this type of painting. Our Introduction to Watercolour painting course is suitable for complete beginners to Art enthusiasts.

“By the end of this course you will be able to finish your first Watercolour Painting.”

You will learn:

  • What equipment is required to start painting in Watercolour
  • You will learn and understand the principles of colour mixing. and colour wash.
  • Insight into your own creative potential and artistic direction for further development


Beginners watercolour painting image

1. Introduction to Watercolour-Getting started

In this video, Mark Holden, Professional Artist and Tutor will show you the basics of Watercolour Painting and how to get started and the best materials to use as a beginner.
Set of brushes and paints on a canvas with lots of colour

2. Introduction to Watercolour Painting-Colours and Mixing

Our tutor Mark will show you how to get your basic range of colours using three primary colours: yellow, red and blue.
ladies painting together in a club

3. Introduction to Watercolour-Painting a boat.

In this 20 minute video, Mark Holden, Professional Artist and Tutor will take you from cradle to grave in creating your first watercolour masterpiece using the tools and techniques from the first two lessons.

Your Tutor

Photo of Mark-Holden painting tutor

Mark Holden is a professional artist who has exhibited his works in galleries across Scotland. He takes on private art projects commissioned by clients across Europe. Mark works with oils, acrylics and watercolours, with a wide-ranging focus on landscapes, classic cars and skiing.


Mark the tutor was very engaging and enthusiastic on the subject of Art.


Mark was a really inspiring and enthusiastic teacher.


Mark the tutor was great-encouraging and funny.