Making Italian Bread

by Julie Cooper | 4 Lessons

Bread is a wonderful food, a great base for many meals and it plays a big part in virtually every food culture. Whilst Italians may not eat quite as much as many other Europeans do, they do eat it virtually every day and Italian cuisine is a wealth for regional bread variations. Italian Bread is the epitome of comfort food.

Italy has an incredible variety of breads, with many regional versions of flatbread, sourdough and your traditional loaf. In this course, our chef Jane Curran makes her favourites; Ciabatta, Focaccia, Schiacciata con L’Uva and last but not least the famous grissini.



1. Ciabatta

Learn to make the famous Ciabatta, a classic Italian rustic bread made with very wet dough giving it the unique flavour and texture we all know.

2. Schiacciata

Learn to bake this Tuscan twist on the classic Focaccia. With its perfect mix of sweet and savoury its a favourite desert option in Italy.

3. Focaccia

Learn to bake the famous focaccia-one of Italy's most popular breads known for its unique taste thanks to rock salt and extra virgin olive oil.

4. Grissini

Learn to make Grissini- the perfect appetizer and a must have on your antipasti board.

Your chef

For over 20 years now Jane Curran has worked for some of the UK’s biggest media brands, creating food content tailored to ABC1 audiences.
Having worked in fast-paced, industry-leading restaurants and studied at Leiths School of Food and Wine, she has a solid grounding in the technical, classical elements of cookery as well as having an understanding of what people are looking for from food.