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Expand your wine knowledge, meet other Amici and join us in our monthly virtual wine tasting.

Our favourite wine expert and founder of the Wine Tube Map, Nikki Welch, is hosting our monthly virtual wine tasting and you will travel around the wonderful regions of Italy learning all about their famous wines. Nikki started with the region of Sicily and then moved north to Tuscany and Veneto. Come and join us as we explore more of these wonderful regions.

During the 90 minute masterclass, Nikki will share with you her favourite wines from the region and where to find the best options near you along with the perfect food match for any dinner party.

Join us on the third Thursday of every month at 7pm to enjoy the delights of Italy through the lens of wine! Each event is limited to 30 guests, so scroll down to book your spot now.

Travel Through the Lens of Wine

Learn about the regions of Italy and their amazing grapes.

Meet New Friends

Expand your wine knowledge whilst enjoying a wine or two and a chat.

Build your Wine Rack

Find the best wine deals in your local supermarket thanks to our wine guru.