Sharon Pilates bar class

Duration: 1 hour
Price: £12.00

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Sharon’s Pilates bar taster class

The Pilates bar uses your body weight to anchor the resistance band to the ground. This simple change in the dynamics of resistance band exercises makes muscles work harder to overcome the added resistance. Unlike free weights, the Pilates bar is lightweight, so your muscles are not burdened with the extra weight. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand that Pilates takes many different forms
  • Top tips on how to boost your metabolism and circulation
  • Pilates can help strengthen and tone, especially when using the Pilates bar

What you’ll need:

  • Pilates Bar (this can be purchased here on Amazon)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • A mat, or a towel to lie on and space to stretch out

Your Instructor

Photo of Sharon Pilates teacher

Sharon has been teaching Pilates since 2008. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 11 years as well as being a holistic therapist and trainer. As a Reiki Master, she loves to meditate daily and would love you to join in.

Joining our online classes

Our online classes will take place via Zoom. We’d recommend using a laptop or desktop if possible to make it easier for you to take part. Upon booking your class, you will receive an email confirmation with full details of how to join and your link to the Zoom class.

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